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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the courses delivered?

Our courses are 100% online! **First Aid/CPR/AED courses include a 2 hour in-person session.

How are the courses laid out?

The courses are broken up into sections, with many containing a quick knowledge check at the end. There is then a final test at the end, which scores of 70% are required to pass. Upon completion, the student is automatically provided with a completion certificate.

How can I take the course?

You can take it however you'd like! Our courses are specially designed to be compatible with laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.
This means, no matter where you are, our courses are right at your fingertips!

Do the courses have time limits?

They do not! Take the course(s) at your pace, on your time schedule. You can stop and start at any time, as the course software saves your spot.

Does Front Line offer Corporate Payment Options for Bulk Registration?

We offer these options on orders for more than 15 individuals! Contact us at to find out more about these options.


So, who are we?

At Front Line Consultants, we specialize in providing quality training to professionals in the private security and investigative fields at industry leading prices. After reaching out and speaking to a large number of license holders, we realized there were not many online, affordable options to turn to when in need of state-required trainings.

That's where we come in. Our trainings are certified by the state regulatory agency and are completely online. They're also mobile and tablet friendly, meaning you can take them wherever and whenever you get a chance. Our courses are always at your fingertips.


At Front Line Consultants, we understand that running a profitable business is the goal. That's why we offer our courses at rates that are significantly lower than our competitors. Through partnerships and local trainers, we are able to keep our overhead costs low. This allows us to bring the savings right to you. That doesn't mean we go light on the quality of our material though. Each course takes months of preparation and our instructors have many years of experience and degrees in the security and law enforcement fields.

Have a question for us? Reach out by clicking the "Contact Us" tab in the menu above!


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The Minnesota Association of Private Investigators and Protective Agents (MAPI)