One-Year First Aid/CPR/AED Provisional Courses

The American Red Cross is offering a one-year provisional certification course to support your training needs during these challenging times. Students can purchase the online course, and upon successful completion, receive a one-year provisional certification. The student then has up to one year to complete their in-person skill session, to receive a two-year Red Cross certificate that satisfies OSHA requirements.

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Online Only First Aid/CPR/AED Training

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Online Only and Provisional Courses?

The "Online Only" certificate courses do NOT include the opportunity to demonstrate your skill proficiency to a certified instructor. This means there is no option of obtaining the two year certification that satisfies OSHA regulations. In Short: Students taking the "Online Only" course will receive a certificate of completion, not a two-year certificate.

What is required to attend a skill session?

The student must bring a copy of their provisional certificate to the Instructor Led Skills Portion.

Where can I find information on the skills portion for the Provisional Certifications?

Coming in 2021, Front Line Consultants will be offering this portion and it will be found right on this site. Until then, please visit the Red Cross website to locate a skills session:

Will Provisional Certificates be recognized by OSHA?

The Provisional Certificate is cognitive only and, under normal circumstances, do not meet the OSHA first aid education requirement until the psychomotor portion is completed including a skill session is performed. Since in-person training may be unavailable during the pandemic, some workplaces may temporarily accept certificates for cognitive only training. Please check with your employer to ensure this course meets your workplace requirements.